How does it work

Our label generator allows you to create compliant DefCon129 Shipping labels for non-serialized, serialized and UII assets according to Def Stan 81-41 Pt6. The system validates and formats inputs to ensure data adheres to specification requirements while producing a valid PDF417 mark. Each label can be downloaded and printed locally or you can request that we print the label for you and courier it to your location (coming soon.)

Sample DefCon129 Label

Download an example of a DefCon129 label to ensure you are able to print the label locally on your thermal transfer printer per Def Stan 81-41 Pt6. If you are unable to produce the label yourself you can request that we print and ship the label to you for additional credits.

System Requirements

  • PDF Reading Software such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe DC
  • A thermal printer (specify printer requirements)
  • The ability to download and save a file locally to your hard drive
  • The ability to open downloaded files in your PDF software and print to your thermal printer